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GPSIsUp is a GPS diagnostics utility to use before and during a GPS lock in.  Afterwards, you can close it and use your favorite GPS application.

Screenshots: GPSIsUp screenshots

Download: com.abelus.GPSisUp.1.1.5.apk

Source code: GPSisUp.1.1.5.source.zip

If in doubt about the integrity of the binary, run an MD5 Checksum confirmation before installing.

MD5 Checksum: 6C6ABE4F58E08F25F0E9184ECB99BC06

GPSIsUp live version: 1.1.5.  Maintained by Abelus.com

GPSisUp User’s Manual and screenshots [HTML]

System Requirements:

A device with Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later (Android API 8)

GPSisUp Installation Instructions

GPSIsUp is an open source application without ads.  GPSIsUp is not part of the Google Play market at this moment. You need to temporarily allow ‘Unknown Sources’ in your Android device settings before installing.  Install by selecting the ‘Download’ link at the start of this page or copying the file to your SDCard in your Android device and opening it from your device.

GPSIsUp Version history:

9/dec/2014 – version 1.1.5: added ‘speed’ measurement

21/jun/2013 – version 1.1.4

Support: Write to us in the comments area below about any issues/enhancement requests with this app

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