Motorola Moto G50 G5 – Saipan – Developer resources

These are developer resources for the Motorola Moto G50 – Saipan

Device Tree

A github repository from motorola-mtk-dev:

Official stock ROM (it will be obsoleted in 2027 time according to the website)

Flashing TWRP

There is a guide available. Unfortunately, it only leads to a github repository that does not contain a twrp image


A kernel tag is avalable from the Motorola Mobility LLC ‘kernel-mtk’ branch

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GpsIsUp updated with the ‘speed’ measurement

GpsisUp is now version 1.1.5

This update adds the ‘speed’ measurement. Speed is provided in km/h

GPSisUp 1.1.5

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First version of GPSIsUp is available for download announces the availability of GPSIsUp, an Android diagnostics application for GPS.  The first release is 1.1.4.

This is an application that is fully developed and supported by

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