FeedFirst User Manual

FeedFirst is an open source RSS reader for Android.  It is designed to be lightweight, consuming the least amount of resources and bandwidth.


Congratulations on choosing an Android device as your companion for keeping up with your local news and events using Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

FeedFirst’s design goals are as follows:

  • Provide a fully functional, ad-free RSS news reader while consuming the least bandwith. The application does not secretly refresh or load unneeded information.
  • Ability to work with as many newsfeed formats as possible.
  • Ability to run on many types and versions of Android devices

FeedFirst is particularly suited to work with your local newspapers and news sources that are defined in RSS format so that you can get your daily updates without consuming the contents entire web front page of your favorite news source (usually loading images,flash content, javascript, ads, etc. in the process).

FeedFirst is open source. Source code is available at http://abelus.com/feedfirst

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